[EVE] Unrated Complex Expeditions

Unrated Complex 사이트를 클리어하면 가끔씩 에스컬레이션이 뜬다.

이를 Expeditions 라 하는거 같다.

각 사이트별로 갈 수 있는 곳은 다음과 같다.

Unrated ComplexExpeditions
Angel CartelBlood RaidersGuristas PiratesSansha’s NationSerpentis CorporationRogue Drones
High SecExpeditions may appear in lower security systems.
-(Faction) Hideout-
-Haunted Yard-
Blue PillFrentixSooth SayerDropMindfloodPulverize The Pioneers
-(Faction) Lookout-
-Desolate Site-
Chasing the DragonFollowing the BloodTrap?Slave Breeding PlantsAngel KickbacksMare Sargassum
-(Faction) Watch-
-Chemical Yard-
The Nuclear Small Arms ProjectMedical TwilightTerrorist Plot!Nation on the RiseJet-Set HooligansHunting the Drudge Factory
-(Faction) Vigil-
The Big BlueThe Rewards of DevotionKidnapped!True Power ShipyardsBooster R&D
Low SecExpeditions may appear in lower security systems.
-Provisional (Faction) Outpost-
-Rogue Trial Yard-
Domination Surveillance SquadBlood Surveillance SquadGurista Surveillance SquadSansha Surveillance SquadGuardian Angels Surveillance SquadMoving Day
-(Faction) Outpost-
-Dirty Site-
Salvation Angel’s ShipmentSave The SlavesGurista Productions ShipmentHidden RichesElite PlaygroundLoose Ends
-Minor (Faction) Annex-
Angel Owned StationBlood Owned StationGuristas Owned StationSansha Owned StationSerpentis Owned StationMenacing Mechanics
-(Faction) Annex-
Angel PowergridBlood Raider PowergridGuristas PowergridSansha PowergridSerpentis Powergrid
Null Sec
-(Faction) Base-
Toxic Waste Scandal!Religious FuryConsequences SmonsequencesTrue Power HQContract KillersThe Drone Roulette
-(Faction) Fortress-
Operation Spring CleaningDubious AssignmentHired GunShady OperationSuspicious JobMolting Season
-(Faction) Military Complex-
Pioneers PerilFrontier in FlamesPirate’s PathDavid V GoliathColony Under FireTrouble in Paradise
-(Faction) Provincial HQ-
Special ForcesFountain of YouthNo QuarterThe Ancient CitySerpentis Secrets
-(Elite Faction) Fleet Staging Point-
Angel Domination Fleet Staging Point 2???Shadow Serpentis Fleet Staging Point 2
Please note: The above data has been compiled from explorer community reports on Unrated Complex Escalations. This is a work in progress and the data contained here may be incomplete. If you have more data or information that conflicts with anything here, please feel free to contribute.

High sec이더라도 마지막 목적지에서는 Low sec이 나올 수 있으니, 자신의 상황에 맡게 가끔은 포기하던지-_- 

잘 준비하고 가도록 한다.

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